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RYLA Registration & Sponsorship

Rotary International's RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) program is an incredible opportunity for high school students to develop their leadership skills, gain valuable experience and make a positive impact in their communities.

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     Designed for students in grades 9-12, this intensive leadership training program provides life-changing experiences that can help them develop into confident, effective leaders.

     During the RYLA program, participants will engage in a range of activities, workshops and team-building exercises that focus on developing skills such as effective communication, goal setting, problem solving and more. These skills are not only valuable in leaderships roles but can also be applied to any area of life. This year's RYLA experience is special because students will join with Rotarians and other community service leaders in the entire Imagine Rotary Reimagined conference, May 19-21, in Leavenworth, Wash.


     RYLA is more than just a leadership training program - it's an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and connections with like-minded young people from around the world. Participants will have the chance to network with Rotarians and community leaders, as well as to participate in service projects that make a positive impact in their communities. These experiences can help students develop a sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference in the world. 


Applying for RYLA and experiencing the IMAGINE ROTARY REIMAGINED conference is simple.



CLICK HERE to begin the RYLA registration process. All students welcome!

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Each student is matched with a Rotary sponsor to cover the full RYLA program tuition.



Leavenworth is a magical destination and we have a host of lodging partners deals.

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